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Bigger The Hoop

Mix & Match - 3 Charm Orchard Hoops

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3 Charm Orchard Hoop Earrings! 3 Charms on each earring! 

Charms (Read Top to Bottom, Left to Right):

Clear Butterfly, Red Butterfly, Lilac Butterfly, Blue Butterfly, Green Butterfly, Fig Leaf, Mixed Wildflower, Navy Wildflower, Green Wildflower, Blue Wildflower, Natural Fresh Water Pearl, Nazar, 4 Blue Wildflower, Banana, Chilli, Apple, Pink Strawberry, 4 Navy Wildflower, Jewel Strawberry, Mini Strawberry, Grape, Red Shroom, 4 Green Wildflower, Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry. (Beaded Estrellas - Not Available). 

Handmade in London using: Incredible Lamp-Blown Glass Charms & Hypoallergenic Tarnish Resistant Golden Hoops! 

Our Golden Earrings have surgical grade pins and are nickel free, therefore gentle to your skin. These earrings are ideal for sensitive ears.